Inception Week is a personalized week of coaching where Shashi analyzes areas of your life that you’re struggling with. Shashi brings relief from current circumstances by reverse engineering your issues to reveal the limitations of your subconscious mind. Shashi’s work gives you a new experience of what it means to be human and dramatically increases your capacity to deal with whatever life brings you.

Inception Week includes the following phone sessions:

  • Inception Week Session # 1 (Tues or Weds): Initial face to face session (approx. 1-2 hrs)

  • Inception Week Session # 2 (Saturday): Check-in phone session (approx. 15-30 mins)

  • Inception Week Session # 3 (Tues or Weds of the Next Week): Follow-up phone session (approx. 30-45 mins)

The cost of Inception Week is $300.



Many people choose to continue to work with Shashi through the Monthly Retainer Program. The Retainer Program follows a personalized syllabus about the difference between ego-based living versus soul-based living. You may begin your Retainer Program following an Inception Week.
  • The 12 week syllabus doesn’t have to be completed in consecutive weeks.

  • Once the client commits to the program, Shashi is committed to their partnership. As things arise, clients can reach out.

  • Once the program is complete, clients are welcome to continue on a month to month basis to both refine what they’ve learned and dive into deeper distinctions of thriving.

The monthly retainer is $900 per month. 

Hire Shashi as a Speaker

A single keynote address will deliver motivating and inspiring insights that have the power to mobilize the hidden potential of the teams and transform your organization.

Some team members will be left feeling empowered to resolve family challenges, some will be left with a completely new outlook on how to approach their daily life.

Redesign the mind of your team members and they will create miracles for your organisation and themselves.

Redesign your Subconscious Mind Workshops – Freedom from Stress and Limitations

Redesign your Subconscious Mind Workshops combines the latest research in Neuroscience, Psychology and Spirituality. Clients redesign their mindset through ongoing instruction, daily practices, and practical applications.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Perception modification
  • Identifying your subconscious limiting beliefs and changing them
  • Strengthening the positive mind
  • Managing the primal mind and state
  • Emotional Healing
  • Resiliency and Grit
  • How to handle negative emotions
  • Become the best version of yourself